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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

Individuals or households who fall between the minimum and maximum income requirements listed in the table below may apply.

Please note: Submitting this lottery application does not replace third-party verification of eligibility criteria. Selected lottery applicants will undergo additional assessments, including, but not limited to: credit screening, income and asset verification, and criminal background checks in order to determine eligibility.

What are the occupancy limits on the one- and two-bedroom units?

No more than two people can occupy a one-bedroom unit and no less than two people and no more than four people can occupy a two-bedroom unit based on HUD standards and the International Property Maintenance Code “IPMC”.

How do I apply?

Lottery applications are online only and can be submitted at You may apply for the lottery at any time between July 1st and July 31st, 2020. If assistance with completing the lottery application is required due to a disability or are needed for any other reason, please call our office at (833) 223-5909 and accommodations can be made.

How do I obtain an email address?

Email accounts are available for free at: or Lottery applicants must create an email address prior to submitting a lottery application. Please call our office at (833) 223-5909 if you need assistance.

What information will I be required to provide when I apply?

The following information is required when completing the pre-application:

  • First and last names of all members of your household
  • A valid mailing address
  • A valid phone number
  • A valid email address
  • Birthdate for all members of your household
  • Annual household income for all household members
    • This includes wages, business income, unemployment benefits, cash assistance from DHS, child support, pension, social security benefits, supplemental security income (SSI), and other support payments for every household member for one year.

I don't understand how to fill out the information in the lottery application form. What do I do?

If you have difficulty with the lottery application, please contact our office at (833) 223-5909. Please note that this number is an answering machine only. A customer service member will then help you with any questions you have on the lottery application. Please note: Due to expected high volumes of calls, lottery application assistance may be delayed through the lottery application period. This will not affect your chances of being one of the final 10 selected applicants since the selected lottery applications will be generated randomly.

What if I do not have internet access and am not able to fill out an online lottery application?

We are not accepting any paper lottery applications. As a result of COVID 19 and current social distancing guidelines set forth by our state, we will be scheduling appointments for assistance as necessary. If you require assistance in completing an application, please contact our office at (833) 223-5909 and accommodations can be made.

When is the application deadline?

Lottery applications must be completed and submitted online no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on July 31, 2020.

How many total lottery applications will be accepted?

There is no limit to the number of lottery applications we will accept. Everyone who wants to apply may do so as long as they are eligible. However, only one lottery application per household will be allowed. Households that submit more than one lottery application will be disqualified.

Do I have to live in the city of Detroit to be eligible to apply for the waiting list?

No, you do not need to live in the city of Detroit in order to apply.

Will the lottery application be available in languages other than English?

Yes, if you need assistance in completing the lottery application due to language barriers, please contact our office at (833) 223-5909 and accommodations can be made.

What happens after you submit the lottery application?

You will receive an email with your unique confirmation number. On August 3rd, 8 one- bedroom and 2 two- bedroom lottery applications will be randomly generated via lottery along with a number of additional lottery applications in case any of the original 10 selected lottery applications fail to respond, do not meet all eligibility requirements, or do not occupy the unit.

What do I need to do If I am a lottery winner?

If your lottery application Is selected, you will be notified via phone, email and priority mail, and have your unique confirmation number listed on You will have 10 days to respond to this notification and schedule an eligibility appointment with a Bedrock Leasing Agent. If you do not respond within this window, your lottery application will be canceled, and the next lottery applicant will be taken off the initial waiting list. During eligibility appointments, the randomly selected lottery applicants will complete a full application, pay a $35 application fee and must provide proof of indicated household size, proof of Identity for all members of the household, and income and asset verification and once determined eligible, undergo a credit check. After all approvals are completed a criminal background check will occur prior to taking possession of the unit. If a selected lottery applicant fails to meet all eligibility requirements, the next lottery applicant will be taken off the initial waiting list. This process will repeat until we have 10 fully eligible and approved applicants. Due to the varying eligibility timeline and the unknown number of lottery applicants, there is no exact move-in date scheduled at this time.

What happens to my application after all 10 units are filled?

Once there are 10 fully eligible and approved applicants, the remaining selected lottery applicants will be placed on an on-going waiting list for future vacancy. All other applications that were not selected in the lottery will be discarded. At that time an new, on-going, waiting list application will be available online at

If I am one of the lottery winners will I definitely receive one of the units available?

No. The lottery application process is to create the initial waiting list. The initial waiting list will be used to determine eligibility prior to leasing the 10 units available. A number of additional lottery applications will also be generated in the case that any of the original 10 applications selected in the lottery fail to respond or do not meet all eligibility requirements.

Why do I have to disclose such detailed information about my finances?

It is important that affordable apartments are rented to tenants who qualify under the program requirements. In order to ensure fairness to all lottery applicants, the owner needs to certify that an applicant’s income falls within the set income guidelines. All information is confidential, and Bedrock Leasing Agents handle this information with the utmost discretion. Required information such as bank accounts, assets and social security numbers are necessary to provide on your application in order to fully review and approve you for an affordable apartment.

Is Credit History considered during the application process?

Yes. Selected lottery applicants will be charged an application fee of $35 to process a credit check. Credit history is a common and important requirement implemented by building owners and can be the basis for denial for an apartment.

Is Criminal History considered during the application process?

Yes. Once applicants have proven eligible in regard to income and credit screening, a criminal background check will be run. Criminal history is a common and important requirement implemented by building owners and can be the basis for denial for an apartment. All applicants are held to the same criminal criteria in compliance with Fair Housing and the 1984 Detroit City Code and its amendments.

How is income calculated?

A Bedrock Leasing Agent will calculate income based on MSHDA’s LIHTC guidelines, using annual gross income and also including interest income earned from assets. For self-employed applicants, net income is analyzed. This includes net business income from current and prior years. Every applicant’s income, both current and recent past, will be considered in evaluating eligibility. Furthermore, please note that all sources of income must be able to be documented and verified. If your lottery application is selected for processing, you will be contacted with a list of such documentation which you will need to provide at that time.

Why are you using a lottery?

The lottery is the fairest way to give everyone an equal chance. This avoids families having to wait for hours in line or having to stay up until midnight when the lottery application page opens online since there is no rush to be the first one to apply. Applying early will not improve chances of being selected for the lottery. All households will have the same chance of being selected for the lottery, regardless of when they apply during the lottery application period.

How does the lottery system work?

The Lottery will be held to ensure that all lottery applicants are given an equal opportunity to obtain an affordable apartment. Lottery applications are randomly selected using the unique ID lottery applicants receive at the time of submitting their lottery application. Selected lottery applications are then reviewed to determine that all information was provided and the lottery applicant is income eligible. These lottery applicants will then be notified to provide additional information to ensure eligibility. After the initial lease up of the development, if there are more selected lottery applicants than there are apartments, the managing agent will maintain an on-going waiting list to possibly fill any future vacancies.

What does it mean to be on the ongoing waiting list?

Owners will maintain a waiting list for a property so that, if an apartment becomes available, there is a ready list of potential tenants. If an apartment becomes available, a Bedrock Leasing Agent will start to go through and contact those on the on-going waiting list. If you are on an on-going waiting list, the property may require you to renew your status as an interested applicant by contacting their office every six to twelve months. Your eligibility to rent one of these apartments is determined by your income at the time you are offered the apartment. If your income increases above the allowable maximum income after you applied for the on-going waiting list, you will no longer eligible to receive this apartment.

If I am approved for an apartment, will I need to recertify my income each year?

Yes. In order to ensure that these 10 affordable apartments continue to stay affordable in line with our Affordable Housing Agreement with the City of Detroit, you will be responsible for recertifying your household’s income each year prior to the signing of a new 12 month lease.

What if my income increases throughout the year, do I need to notify you?

No, you will not need to notify your Property Manager of your increase in income over the course of your lease. However, if your annual income exceeds the limit set in for the unit to remain affordable, your lease will not be renewed at the end of your term. If there are any market rate apartments available at that time you would be welcome to transfer in lieu of leaving the Stott.

What is a recertification?

Much like the eligibility process, your household’s income and assets will be recertified; calculated each year in order to determine whether your household’s gross annual income remains under 120% of the most recent 80% AMI limit released by HUD at the time of your potential lease renewal date.

You will be notified of your recertification 120 days prior to the end of your lease. If your household’s income exceeds the income limit at the time of recertification, you will not be eligible to renew your lease. If there are market rate unit’s available at that time you will be given options for transferring to another unit not a part of our Affordable Housing Agreement with the City of Detroit.

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