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Thank you for submitting a lottery application to The Stott affordable housing lottery. The lottery application process is finished and the lottery is now closed. The order of the lottery applicants has been randomly generated and is listed below. Please reference the unique ID code you received upon completion of your lottery application in order to determine your position on the list.

The first 10 lottery applicants will be contacted directly by August 10th with the next steps needed to qualify their eligibility for the 10 units that are available. If any of the 10 applicants are determined ineligible, we will reach out to the next applicant on the list until all of the apartments are filled with eligible applicants.

Once we have 10 qualified applicants sign leases, those who were chosen for the lottery and who did not receive a unit will be placed on the on-going waiting list, all other lottery applications that were not selected will be discarded and an on-going waiting list application will be available on the website at

If you have questions about your lottery application or about The Stott Housing Lottery, please have your unique ID code on hand and call (833) 223-5909, email

Lottery Results

One Bedroom

  1. p0024971
  2. p0025203
  3. p0025245
  4. p0024823
  5. p0024853
  6. p0024923
  7. p0024939
  8. p0024852
  9. p0024941
  10. p0024943
  11. p0024890
  12. p0024918
  13. p0025197
  14. p0024726
  15. p0024906

Two Bedroom

  1. p0025335
Bedrock Detroit